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Inflatable games are great at parties and big events and draw big crowds with spectators cheering for their favourite competitor.  These offer a good alternative to a bouncy castle and are suitable for both children and adults.  If you are hiring for a corporate event or company family funday then these are available with a uniformed operator for the day.

Gladiator Joust

An inflatable version of the game played on Gladiators. Competitors stand high above the crowd on their own padded plinth waiting for the signal to start and let battle commence.

Surrounded by an inflatable bed and with protective helmets on this is a game of agility and balance.

  • Suitable for ages 10 to adult
  • Size – 18x20 foot
  • Power required – 1 standard power socket

Pole Joust

Two competitors straddle the pole and prepare for battle.  Each of them has an oversized pillow to swing at the other person and the last person to remain on the pole is the winner.  This is great for teenage birthday parties, it’s a knockout events, schoolfetes and family fundays etc

  • Suitable for ages 8 to adult
  • Size – 45x12 foot
  • Power required – 1 standard power socket

Assault course

Running, climbing, sliding, crawling, bouncing its all here every type of play rolled into one amazing inflatable.
An action packed inflatable for an action packed day of fun.

  • Suitable for the under fourteens only.
  • Size – 45x12 foot
  • Power required – 1 standard power socket
Sumo suits for hire

Sumo Suits

We provide: Two sumo suits, one sumo wrestling ring, two sumo hats in the Japanese sumo style.  We have both kids and adult sumo wrestling suits which can be hired separately or have a set of each in our family package.

Put your hands on your knees and lift your feet, left, right, left, and then fight!  Each fighter must then try and get their opponent out of the ring, or pin them to the ground.  This is a really good spectator sport and makes a great photo opportunity.

Sumo suit wrestling can be incorporated into an “it’s a knockout event” or a multi-activity day.  We can run a sumo tournament for larger events or team building days and have several sets of these suits  - maybe you want to run tag team sumo?

  • Kids suits 6-14 years old – Adult suits 15 - adult
  • Size – 15x15 foot
  • No power required

Human Table Football

This is a giant version of the game played in pubs and bars across the world. With teams of five or six a side, human table football can entertain large groups of people for hours – how about a tournament?

This inflatable is often used for football clubs, inter pub teams, fundays, teambuilding days and schools etc.

  • Best for ages 8 years - adult
  • Power required – 1 standard power socket
Human table football


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